Monday, July 07, 2008

Playlist 82, 6 July 2008

artist: Hugh Davies
title: Music For Two Strings
cd: Performances 1969-1977
label: Another Timbre Archive Series
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artist: Lawrence English
title: Gradually You Feel The Tide At Your Neck
cd: Lawrence English / Jeph Jerman
label: Compost and Height
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artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: For Namiko Kawamura and Kubikukuri Takuzu (excerpt)
cd: Dance Music
label: Bottrop-Boy
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artist: Agustí Fernández / Ingar Zach
title: Arcano
cd: Germinal
label: Plastic Strip
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artist: Hugh Davies + Adam Bohman / Lee Patterson / Mark Wastell
title: Music For Two Strings +3
cd: For Hugh Davies
label: Another Timbre
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artist: Clouwbeck
title: A Moraine (excerpt)
cd: A Moraine
label: Sustain-Release
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artist: Michael Pisaro
title: An Unrhymed Chord (excerpt)
cd: An Unrhymed Chord
label: Wandelweiser
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artist: David Brown
title: Were Holes Mended?
cd: Variable Resistance: Ten Hours Of Music From Australia
label: 23Five / SF Museum of Modern Art
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