Sunday, January 28, 2007

Playlist 38, 28 January 2007

artist: Henry J Walmsley
title: Synchronise
cd: Colossus
label: Ambitunes
info: artist/label

artist: Jason Kahn / Tomas Korber / Christian Weber
title: Track 2
cd: Zürcher Aufnahmen
label: Longbox
info: label

artist: Western Grey (Brown / Pateras / Samartzis)
title: Open Space (excerpt)
cd: Glacial Erratic
label: Dr Jim's Records
info: label

artist: Burkhard Beins
title: For Ian Curtis
cd: Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006: Special Berlin Issue
label: Improvised Music From Japan
info: label artist

artist: Burkhard Stangl / Dieb 13
title: eeeh
cd: eh
label: Erstwhile
info: label Stangl 13

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Untitled
cd: Keichiro Shibuya / Norbert Moslang / Toshimaru Nakamura
label: ATAK
info: label

artist: Matthieu Saladin
title: Seven.17
cd: Intervales
label: L’innomable
info: label

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Playlist 37, 21 January 2007

artist: Chris Watson / BJ Nilson
title: No Mans Land (excerpt)
cd: Storm
label: Touch
info: label watson

artist: Toshiya Tsunoda
title: Arrival, Kisarazu Bay, 11th Dec 2004
cd: Ridge of Undulation
label: Håpna
info: label

artist: Jeph Jerman
title: Bees (excerpt)
cd: More Sound
label: Self released

artist: Lee Patterson
title: Egg Fry 2
cd: Unreleased
label: Unreleased
info: artist tour dates

artist: Ami Yoshida
cd: in drawing
label: Cherry Music
info: label artist

artist: Jeph Jerman
title: Stones, Brush, Wood, Wind etc at Red Tank Draw, Arizona
cd: Derelict 2
label: Self released
info:artist Richard's thoughts on Jerman

artist: Quiet American
title: Roadside Communal Water Pump,Kuhlna, Bangladesh
Pilgrims at a well outside Muang Sing, Laos during a full moon celebration
Village water Pump, Shan State village outside Kalaw, Burma

cd: Plumbing and Irrigation of South Asia
label: and/OAR
info:artist label

artist: Akio Suzuki / Eric La Casa
title: Stones, Oto-Date 2004, Paris
cd: Resonances Ussip Zadkine Catalogue CD
label: Paris museé
info: artist, in japanese

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Solo Rich, Solo Al

This coming week I will be unavailable to broadcast, so Richard will be doing a solo show. Two weeks hence - 4 February - Richard will be unavailable to broadcast, so I will do a solo show. We're trying to take the opportunity of complete control to do something that we wouldn't ordinarily do together, although plans haven't been finalised for either show yet. Don't worry, we won't be indulging in the excesses of Show 25.

We'll be together on the January 28 show and from 11 February we'll be back to normal. Our solo careers do not mean that the band is breaking up: it's just a chance for us to pursue other projects that we've always wanted to do, etc.

Although Richard has been talking to me about how he wants to stage a production of the life story of Keith Rowe. On ice.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the audition annual report - your top twenty of 2006

As voted for by you, our listeners. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

1. Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura - between (Erstwhile)
2. Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet - Love Me Two Times (Intransitive)
3. Klaus Filip / Toshimaru Nakamura - Aluk (Improvised Music From Japan)
4. [N:Q] - November:Quebec (Esquilo)
5. Ami Yoshida / Christof Kurzmann - a s o (Erstwhile)
6. Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Quincunx)
7. Will Guthrie - Body and Limbs Still Look To Light (Cathnor)
8. Jason Lescalleet - The Pilgrim (Glistening Examples)
9. Lionel Marchetti - Red Dust (Crouton)
10. Olivia Block - Heave To (Sedimental)

11. Mattin / Radu Malfatti - Going Fragile (Formed)
12. Joe Colley / Jason Lescalleet - Annihilate This Week (Brombron)
13. Taku Sugimoto / Taku Unami - Tengu Et Kitsune (Slub)
14. David Lacey / Paul Vogel / Mark Wastell - Live In Dublin 1 April 2006 (Confront)
15. Axel Dörner / Mattin - Berlin (Absurd)
16. Mark Wastell - Amo(u)ngst English Men (Absinth)
17. The Contest Of Pleasures Albi Days (Potlatch)
18. Eric La Casa - Secousses Panoramiques (Hibari)
19. Giacinto Scelsi - Natura Renovatur (ECM)
20. Keith Rowe / Mark Wastell - Live In Dublin 31 March 2006 (Confront)

Playlist 36, 14 January 2007

artist: Olivia Block
title: Heave To (excerpt)
cd: Heave To
label: Sedimental
info: label

artist: Lionel Marchetti
title: Vision Nocturnae
cd: Red Dust
label: Crouton
info: label

artist: Ami Yoshida / Christof Kurzmann
title: Track 4
cd: a s o
label: Erstwhile

artist: [N:Q]
title: November (Excerpt)
cd: November Quebec
label: Esquilo
info: label

artist: Klaus Filip / Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Pace
cd: Aluk
label: Improvised Music From Japan
info: label

artist: Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet
title: I Remember
cd: Love Me Two Times
label: Intransitive
info: label

artist: Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura
title: 13630Khz
cd: between
label: Erstwhile
info: label

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playlist 35, 7 January 2007

artist: Giancinto Scelsi
title: Natura Renovatur
cd: Natura Renovatur
label: ECM
info: label

artist: Eric La Casa
title: Tracks 11-14
cd: Secousses Panoramiques
label: Hibari
info: label lacasa

artist: The Contest of Pleasures
title: Winter Squash
cd: Albi Days
label: Potlatch
info: label

artist: David Lacey / Paul Vogel / Mark Wastell
title: Live in Dublin (excerpt)
cd: Live in Dublin
label: Confront
info: label Irish Progressive Rock Appreciation Society

artist: Joe Colley / Jason Lescalleet
title: Nervous Laughter
cd: Annihilate This Week
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Mattin / Radu Malfatti
title: Going Fragile (excerpt)
cd: Going Fragile
label: Formed
info: label