Monday, July 17, 2006

Show 23 - visual evidence

Well, MP3s of all the shows are up (if you know where to look, heh heh) with the exception of show 23. We've tried hard, but we just can't get a useful recording of that one. If you have one that you could share with us we'd be much obliged. If we can't get one then we'll look to put up the Beins/Durrant session that formed the centrepiece of that show anyway soon.

Just to prove we really did do a show that week, here's a picture of us in full flow. Picture courtesy of OFCOM's spy camera.

(L-R: Pinnell, Wilson)

While you wait for audition to start broadcasting again, Richard and I are both planning on bringing you some new music this summer. Keep checking back here for the latest news.