Monday, June 30, 2008

Playlist 81, 29 June 2008

artist: Lionel Marchetti / Seijiro Murayama
title: 2
cd: Hatali Atsalei (L'echange des yeux)
label: Intransitive
info: label

artist: Taku Sugimoto / John Cage / David Tudor
titles: Three Speakers / Indeterminacy / Variations II (mix)
cds: Three Speakers / Indeterminacy / David Tudor on Editions RZ
labels: Slubmusic Tengu / Smithsonian Folkways / Editions RZ
info: we've given links to Sugimoto and Editions RZ loads of times before

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama
titles: Remember / It Shall Not Be Your Tremble
cd: The Ancient Balance To Control Death
label: Western Vinyl
info: label

artist: Josetxo Grieta
title: Sonrisas Vendo-¿Dónde Nos Llevan? (excerpt)
cd: Sonrisas Vendo-¿Dónde Nos Llevan?
label: Taumaturgia
info: label

artist: Pita
title: 3
cd: Get Out
label: Editions Mego
info: label

artist: Jakob Ullmann
title: Voice, Books and FIRE 3 (Excerpt)
cd: Voice, Books and FIRE 3
label: Editions RZ
info: see what I mean?

artist: Kevin Drumm
title: We All Get It In The End
cd: Imperial Distortion
label: Hospital Productions
info: label

artist: Chris Burn Ensemble
title: qpdbqp
cd: Ensemble at Musica Genera 2002
label:Musica Genera
info: label

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Playlist 80, 22 June 2008

artist: Lol Coxhill
title: Uptown Top Ranking
cd: Spectral Soprano
label: Emanem
info: see mi inna pants and ting

artist: Christian Weber
title: Walcheturm Solo (Exceprt)
cd: Walcheturm Solo
label: Cut
info: label

artist: Frederic Blondy / Thomas Lehn
title: Obdo part 3
cd; Obdo
label: Another Timbre
info: label

artist: Andy Graydon
title: Surroundings (the ship, the shoal, the shore)
cd: At Bay
label: Winds Measure
info: label

artist: David Papapostolou / Daniel Jones
title: Le / av
cd: Leaving Room
label: Adjacent
info: label

artist: Collections of Colonies of Bees
title: Six Guitars
one-sided lp: Six Guitars
label: Table of the Elements
info: artist

artist: Anthony Pateras / Sean Baxter / David Brown
title: You Can Do It, Pimp Lucius
cd: Interference
label: EMD
info: Meanwhile at the church Rufus is gettin' his prayers on

artist: Jason Lescalleet
title: Ineinenadergriefen - 08 December 1912
cd: Mattresslessness
label: Cut
info: label

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Playlist 79, 8 June 2008

artist: Ryoji Ikeda
title: C1 - Check
cd: O deg C
label: Touch

artist: VHF
title: Ra
cd: Extracts
label: Erstwhile

artist: Derek Bailey / Joelle Leandre
title: No Waiting, Five
cd: No Waiting
label: Potlatch

artist: IST
title: Ritmico
cd: Ghost Notes
label: Bruce’s Fingers

artist: Tom Phillips / AMM
title: IRMA (excerpt)
cd: IRMA
label: Matchless

artist: AMM
title: For Ute (excerpt)
cd: Split LP with Merzbow
label: Fat Cat

artist: Polwechsel
title: Hyogo (excerpt)
cd: Polwechsel 2
label: hat(now)ART

artist: Radu Malfatti
title: Das Profil Des Schweigens Für Streichquartett (excerpt)
cd: Die Temperatur Der Bedeutung
label: Wandelweiser

artist: Otomo Yoshihide / Sachiko M
title: Filament 1-1
cd: Filament 1
label: Extreme

artist: ISO
title: B (extract)
cd: ISO
label: Alcohol

artist: MIMEO
title: Den-Haag 2.2
cd: Queue
label: Grob

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Spoon River II
cd: Opposite
label: hatNOIR

artist: David Daniell
title: Highway 371, Forty Miles South Of Farmington, January 19, 1988, 2.25 (excerpt)
cd: Sem
label: Antopic

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Playlist 78, 1 June 2008

artist: Alan Licht / Aki Onda
title: Ship Shape
cd: Everydays
label: Family Vineyard
info: label

artist: Emmaunel Mielville / Eric Cordier
title: Dispositions En Rotonde – Remix-Mielville
cd: Dispositif: Canal Saint-Martin
label: Xing-Wu
info: label

artist: Joe Foster
title: Knock Nevis (for Wilson Zorn and JP Jenkins) (excerpt)
release: Knock Nevis (for Wilson Zorn and JP Jenkins)
label: Homophoni
info: label

artist: David Lacey / Paul Vogel
title: Soft Houses (Excerpt)
cd: The British Isles
label: Homefront
info: lacey vogel

artist: Fennesz
title: On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By
cd: Transition
label: Touch
info: label

artist: David Reid
title: The Length Of Grafton Street
cd: Walks
label: Unreleased
info: artist

artist: Mats Gustafsson
title: Sleeping Instructions (excerpt)
lp: Narrominded Split LP 3
label: Narrominded
info: label

artist: John Clair / Jed Shahal
title: Silver Leaf Linden
cd: Tennis
label: Fenimore Records
info: label