Saturday, October 28, 2006

To all our overseas listeners (again)

...and those of you in the UK who are a bit vague about such things:

British Summer Time ends over Saturday night/Sunday Morning, and we go back onto Greenwich Mean Time. This means that our show is technically an hour later - 7pm GMT = 8pm BST. So if your country's daylight savings doesn't change this weekend you'll need to tune in an hour later to hear us. Or tune in at the same time and get a bonus show - Capital Eyes, which is only of passing interest if you're not living in London but nicely done by lovely people.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Playlist 27, 22 October 2006

artist: James Tenney
title: Collage No.1 (“Blue Suede”)
cd: Selected Works 1961-1969
label: New World Records
info: label

artist: Christof Kurzmann / Ami Yoshida
title: Track 7
cd: a s o
label: Erstwhile
info: label

artist: Michael Francis Duch / Anita Kaasbøll / Nikos Veliotis
title: Tre
cd: When The Sea Looks Green The Sky Looks Grey
label: Sofa
info: label

artist: David Lacey / Paul Vogel
title: The Other Way
exclusive recording for audition
info: i and e

artist: Sunshine Has Blown
title: Track 1
cd: Sunshine Has Blown
label: mymwly
info: Joel Stern label

artist: Nmperign/Jason Lescalleet
title: This Is Ruined
cd: Love Me Two Times
label: Intransitive
info: label

artist: The Skull Defekts
title: Open The Gates of Mimer (excerpt)
cd: Open The Gates of Mimer
label: AA
info: label artist

Play resumes at 7pm tonight

Just to confirm that we will be broadcasting tonight, although we will be bringing umbrellas into the studio just in case as it's still raining heavily as I type.

Don't forget that we have an exclusive session recording from David Lacey and Paul Vogel, two fine Dublin-based musicians. And lots of other good stuff too.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rain stops play!

Resonance's studios are currently out of action, having been flooded the other day. It's going to take a little while to sort the equipment out and make it safe to work in, so there won't be any broadcasts from there until the middle of next week at best.

So there's no audition this Sunday. A couple of ideas for what you could do for that hour instead:

1. Perform Cage's 0'00"

2. Create your own version of audition - play some of your favourite new records and stumble out some old tosh about them, laughing occasionally. Remember to turn the air conditioning off when you talk.

3. Do both simultaneously.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Playlist 26, 8 October 2006

artist: Folke Rabe / Jan Bark
title: Argh!
cd: Argh!
label: Tjaft / Kningdisk
info: label

artist: Axel Doerner / Mattin
title: Track 1
cd: Berlin
label: Absurd
info: label

artist: Jim Denley
title: A Walk In The Palm Forest With My Saxophone
cd: A Walk In The Palm Forest With My Saxophone
label: Split
info: bio review

artist: Mark Wastell / Graham Halliwell
title: Tractatus de Imagine Mundi
cd: Tractatus de Imagine Mundi
label: KningDisk
info: label

artist: Will Guthrie
title: Withdrawal
cd: Body And Limbs Still Look To Light
label: Cathnor
info: label artist

artist: Daniel Menche
title: Track 1
cd: Creatures of Cadence
label: Crouton/Longbox
info: crouton longbox

artist: Masahiko Okura / Gunter Muller / Ami Yoshida
title: Kitashinaga-Lupsingen 2
cd: Tanker
label: For 4 Ears
info: label

artist: Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone
title: Chow
cd: First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
label: Quincunx
info: label Kommando Kai Kommando Christof

artist: Rick Reed
title: Ceremony Parts 1 and 2
cd: Dark Skies at Noon
label: Elevator Bath
info: label

artist: Robert Hampson / Steven Hess
title: Track 4
cd: Robert Hampson + Steven Hess
label: Crouton
info: label Hampson Hess

Saturday, October 07, 2006

even longer audition

Don't forget that tomorrow is our first show of the new season...and we've been given an extra hour to play with too! It's just a one-off, but we'll try and make the most of it.

So, for one week only, tune in at 6pm London time. Back to 7pm starts the week after.