Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Playlist 84, 20 July 2008

artist: Esteban Algora / Alessandra Rombola / Ingar Zach
title: Jade
cd: ...Do Las Piedras
label: Another Timbre
info: label

artist: Conspiracy
title: Forties
k7: The Beaufort Scale
label: Self-released
info: all I could find...scroll down

artist: Goh Lee Kwang / Claude Colpaert / Fred Loisel
title: Lille, Oct 2004
cd: Goh Lee Kwang’s Double Trio
label: Herbal
info: label

artist: Kevin Drumm
title: A 2
k7: Impish Tyrant
label: Spite
info: nirav's review

artist: Patrick Farmer
title: The Vibrations Of A Metal Tray Used To Catch Grub
cd: Apiary
label: Self released
info: artist

artist: Lum Col Con Pix
title: Side H
lp: Lum Col Con Pix
label: Fourier Transform
info: label

artist: Seymour Wright
title: Wright-O! (excerpt)
cd: Seymour Wright of Derby
label: Self released
info: None!

artist: Lol Coxhill / Daniel Deshays
title: Un Homme Au Plafond (includes Practice Makes)
lp: 10:02
label: NATO
info: bare bones en francais

artist: Patrick Farmer
title: On A Cold Day
cd: Panshangar Aerodrome
label: Self released
info: artist

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