Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're back....!

Yep, the news you've been waiting for in your dozens...

Now that Resonance FM have successfully relocated to their beautiful new studios in South London audition The Sound323 Radio Programme will begin its third series from This Sunday 30th September at 7PM (BST)

We are pleased to announce that by popular demand the show has been extended to 90 minutes every week, so you now have 50% more audition to tune into every week, you lucky listeners!

We are fully recharged and ready to go after our summer break. There are many plans being formed for themed shows, exclusive recordings, interviews and possibly some live performances once all of the new studio is up and running. Resonance FM have a new website you can visit at the link over there on the right. You can currently view a film there of the new studio under construction.

To celebrate we have toiled long and hard to completely overhaul the audition website to hopefully bring you a better, easier to use site. There are a few new pages, including full playlist listings in the archive pages, a new audition Exclusives download page, and up and running soon will be an archive of artist and label links from our playlists that we hope will build over time into a useful contacts resource. We have also added half or dozen or so more MP3 recordings of early shows that were missing from the previous site archives.
The site is still very new and likely to have a few bugs and broken links. Please let us know if you find any, either here or via our new email address, which is Mail (at) auditionradio (dot) info.

We still intend to use this blog as much as ever to keep you informed of what is coming up in future shows and to post playlists. We welcome your comments here, please let us know what you think about the new show, the music we play and the new website.

Hope you manage to tune in Sunday. If not, we aim to continue to bring you the Mp3 archive of individual shows.

Thank you for listening.

Alastair and Richard