Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playlist 65, 24 February 2007

artist: Steve Beresford, Michael Parsons
title: Euphonium duo in rowboats
cd: LMC - The First 25 Years
info: The LMC

artist: Eric Cordier
title: Osorezan (Tracks 1 to 3)
cd: Osorezan
label: Herbal
info: label

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura, Jean-Luc Guionnet
title: Track 3
cd: MAP
label: potlatch
info: label

artist: Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Manfred Werder
title: Seven pieces collaged together by Richard
cd: Assorted
label: Wandelweiser, B-Boim
info: Wandelweiser

artist: John Butcher, Phil Durrant, John Russell
title: Glen Called
lp: Concert Moves
label: Random Acoustics
info: label

artist: Tim Blechmann
title: re-reading
cd: re-reading
label: free software series
info: label

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playlist 64, 17 February 2008

radio radio

artist: John Peel
title: Last Radio 1 Show on 247m - ever! Nov 1978
via: Radio Rewind
info: radio rewind

artist: Jack Body
title: Kryptophones (edit)
cd: New Zealand Electronic Music
label: Kiwi (Creel Pone)
info: artist

artist: Vladimir Ussachevsky
title: Wireless Fantasy
cd: OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980
label: ellipsis arts
info: artist

artist: John Cage
title: Radio Music
cd: Nova Musicha n.1
label: Cramps
info: John Cage database

artist: Karlheinz Stockhausen
title: Kurzwellen (WDR Aufname) (Part 1)
lp: Kurzwellen
label: Deutsche Grammophon
info: artist

artist: Annette Krebs / Robin Hayward
title: Track 3 (edit)
cd: Sgraffito
label: self-released
info: Krebspace

artist: The Conet Project
title: Gong Station Times
cd: The Conet Project
label: Irdial
info: label

artist: Keith Rowe / Burkhard Beins
title: Track 1 (excerpt)
cd: Keith Rowe / Burkhard Beins
label: Erstlive
info: label Beins

artist: Paul Turner
title: Panels V
cd: Electronic Music
label: University of Melbourne (Creel Pone)
info: artist

artist: various
title: Chante du Tamri
cd: Radio Morocco
label: Sublime Frequencies
info: label

artist: [N:Q]
title: Quebec (excerpt)
cd: November Quebec
label: Esquilo
info: label

artist: Lee Patterson
title: Unsilent Radio
cd: Signal
label: Finetuned
info: what he did

artist: Ian McDonald
title: Collages for Sunday Morning
cd: New Zealand Electronic Music
label: Kiwi (Creel Pone)
info: artist

artist: Dave Lee Travis, Emperor Rosko and "Diddy" David Hamilton
title: Last Manchester Club Show(?)1971
via: Radio Rewind
info: radio rewind

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More solos

It's that time of year again. This week Richard is away, playing chess with Radu Malfatti, so tomorrow's show will be a solo show for me. Next week I am away, drinking beer in Bamberg, so Richard will get the chance to do his own thing. I'll leave it up to you to decide which of us is Stills and which of us is Young. Eat a peach.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Playlist 63, 10 February 2008

artist: Les Sculpteurs De Vinyl
title: Track 3 (excerpt)
cd: Memory And Money
label: Stupeur & Trompette!
info: at japanimprov

artist: Tamio Shiraishi / Sean Meehan
title: In The City (excerpt)
lp: In The City
label: Fusetron
info: Shiraishi Meehan

artist: Jason Kahn / Tomas Korber / Norbert Moslang / Gunter Muller / Christian Weber / Katsura Yamauchi
title: Track 2 (Excerpt)
cd: Signal to Noise Vol.4
label: For 4 Ears
info: label

artist: Paul Boisselet
title: Symphonie Jaune – Poeme Cinemato-Choregraphique (Partie 1)
cd: Symphonie Rouge / Symphonie Jaune
label: Creel Pone
info: if you've a tenner to spare

artist: Luc Ferrari (performed by Ensemble Laborintus & eRik m)
title: Archives Sauvées Des Eaux (Exploitations Des Concepts No.3)
cd: Et Tournent Les Sons
label: Césare
info: artist

artist: Chris Abrahams
title: Stains Arabic
lp: Walk
label: Hot
info: the day job

artist: Oren Ambarchi / Lasse Marhaug
title: Worried Friends
7": Worried Friends b/w Nervous Enemies
label: Pica Disk
info: label

artist: Mike Shiflet
title: Homecoming Pulsewidth 29, 37.6 (excerpt)
cd: Shiso Epilogues
label: Gameboy
info: label

Monday, February 04, 2008

Playlist 62, 3 February 2008

artist: Christian Banasik
title: Das Blindenspiel
cd: Electroacoustic Works
label: No label
info: artist

artist: Martin Kuchen (partly with David Stackenas)
title: Homo Sacer (…and suddenly the bridge over that troubled water stood still all in flames) segued into “p”
cd: Homo Sacer / agape
label: Sillion / Creative Sources
info: artist

artist: Triangles
title: Side 1 (excerpt)
cd: Triangles
label: Moikai
info: there ain't much

artist: Takefumi Naoshima
title: Self Adjustments On Mirror
cd: Rhythm
label: Cherry Music
info: artist

artist: Brutum Fulmen
title: The Lament Of The Termite Queen
lp: Tender Wreckage
label: Gameboy
info: inert thunder

artist: Cor Fuhler
title: The Condition of Dreaming Parts 6-8
cd: TCOD
label: Conundrom
info: artist

artist: Folke Rabe
title: What?? (excerpt)
cd: What??
label: Dexter's Cigar
info: artist

artist: Tandem Electrics
title: Intaglio (Excerpt)
cd: Intaglio
label: RAR
info: Reed Richard Reed Richards