Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They said it would never happen...

Two years in the's audition 91.

Have a rich interest in eai and related musics but are time poor? Just can't be bothered to trawl through 14,760 minutes of good music, bad puns and references to marmite?

Well, now you don't have to, because audition 91 has been created just for you. audition 91 is a scientific distillation of all 90 auditions - yes, even the legendary "missing" shows - to provide you with the very essence of audition in one handy 90-minute radio programme.

And this programme will be broadcast on 2MBS-FM 102.5 in Sydney, and worldwide at as part of Admirable Restraint 14a, this Friday morning at 1am Sydney time (2pm Thursday in London, 9am Thursday New York). Turn on, tune in, play "name that no input mixing board".

Monday, July 19, 2010

Admirable Restraint

It's taken nearly two years, but I'm back on the airwaves...

Admirable Restraint is the name of my new radio programme on 2MBS 102.5FM, Sydney's fine music station. The show airs every other Thursday morning, 1-3am Sydney time, and can be streamed here. Those of you in other countries can listen live at much more social time (a list of likely time zones and times is at the website). I will also be making shows available to download in some way.

You'll notice some similarities and some differences from audition. Eai will continue to be the main focus, but I reserve the right to go off on any tangents that interest me. Richard's not there to stop me this time :)

I'm planning on setting up a Facebook page for the show so that people can interact with me and other listeners in real time. During my two under-the-radar shows I did this with a couple of kind "guinea pigs" and I think it'd be a fun thing to continue doing.

The next show is this coming Thursday morning, Sydney time, so Wednesday for most of you. I hope that the fortnightly two hours of Admirable Restraint will become an oasis of interest in a desert of unwanted noise.