Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playlist 46, 25 March 2007

artist: Bryan Eubanks / David Rothbaum
title: Track 1
cd: Bryan Eubanks / David Rothbaum
label: EMR
info: label

artist: Thomas Korber / Bernd Schurer
title: 250904 (excerpt)
cd: 250904
label: Balloon & Needle
info: label Korber

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama / Taku Sugimoto
title: Blue Monk
cassette: The Logic of Exception
label: Slub
info: Akiyama Sugimoto

artist: Traw
title: Part 3 / Rhan 3
cd: Congratulations To The Young Men of Nelson
label: Fourier Transform
info: label

artist: Marginal Consort
title Disc 3 (excerpt)
cd: Marginal Consort
label: Improvised Music for Japan
info: label

artist:Bonnie Jones
title: Body 3
cd: Vines
label: EMR
info: label

artist: Jazkamer
title: Blues For Sterling Hayden
cd: Balls The Size Of Texas Liver the Size Of Brazil
label: Purple Soil
info: label Jaz(z)kam(m)er

Overseas listeners - here is your biannual BST call

British Summer Time started last night, so we're an hour ahead of GMT until October. So if your country didn't put the clocks forward this weekend we'll be an hour earlier tonight and until the Autumn - 6pm (1800) GMT, 7pm (1900) BST. You know the drill by now.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playlist 45, 18 March 2007

artist: Christian Weber
title: Osaka solo (excerpt)
cd: Osaka solo
label: C
info: artist/label

artist: Otomo Yoshihide (and Sachiko M)
title: DT-1
cd: Digital Tranquiliser Ver 1.01
label: FMN Sound Factory
info: Otomo Sachiko

artist: Mark Robinson
title: Why Hello, Dali!
cd: EM
label: Teenbeat
info: label

artist: Radu Malfatti
title: Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens (excerpt)
cd; Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens
label: b-boim
info: artist

artist: EBT7 (Michael Evans / Barry Weisblat / Toshio Kajiwara / Lary 7)
title: Side 2 (excerpt)
cassette: EBT7 @ Tonic
label: Analogue Society
info: Weisblat

artist: Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
title: So
cd: And So On
label: (h)earrings
info: label

artist: Felix Hess
title: Air Pressure Fluctuations (excerpt)
cd: Air Pressure Fluctuations
label: Edition RZ
info: label

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Playlist 44, 11 March 2007

artist: Richard Kamerman
title: Fv Form / Bandit Presentable / Panacea Truism
cd: Open Your Windows And Play These Discs Loudly (You’re Exempt Mr Pinnell)
label: Obsolete Units
info: Mr P's also exempt from this

artist: Choi Joonyong / Joe Foster / Hong Chulki
title: 701 sec
cd: 4387 sec
label: Balloon and needle
info: label

artist: John Cage
title: Music For Amplified Toy Pianos
cd: John Cage – Nova Musicha n.1
label: Cramps
info: J hn C g

artist: Marcus Schmickler
title: Demos (excerpt)
cd: Demos
label: A-Musik

artist: Richard Francis / Anthony Guerra / Mattin / Joel Stern
title: Side 1
7": Untitled 7”
label: CMR
info: label

artist: Axel Dorner/Lucio Capece
title; Track 1 (excerpt)
cd: Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece
label: L’innomable
info: label

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Playlist 43, 4 March 2007

artist: Masahiko Okura / Gunter Muller / Otomo Yoshihide
title: Radiant
cd: Metal Tastes Like Orange
label: Amoebic
info: label

artist: Graham Halliwell / Tomas Korber
title: In Mezzo, Nel Mezzo
cd: The Large Glass
label: Cathnor
info: label

artist: ea
title: Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics (excerpt)
cd: Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics
label: Winds Measure Recordings
info: label

artist: Zhang Jian (FM3)
title: Bian Jing
cd: Streets of Lhasa
label: Sublime Frequencies
info: label

artist: The Dead C
title: All Channels Open
cd: Vain, Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005
label: Badabing
info: label Nick Cain on NZ noise