Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The second audition annual report - we want your lists

As we've said over the last two shows, we're compiling the second audition annual report, the list of your favourite releases of 2007. So we need your top ten lists!

Any recording released this year that we've played or would be likely to play is eligible. Send your lists to the email on the sidebar (that's mail (at) before 31 December and we'll collate the lists into a definite report and broadcast it in the new year.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Playlist 57, 9 December 2007

artist: Dan Froberg
title: We'll Never Be The Same Again
cd: Whispers From The Forests, Screams From The Mountains
label: Kning Disk
info: label

artist: Grosse Abfahrt
title: Riesenflugzeugabteilung
cd: Erstes Luftschiff zu Kalifornien
label: Creative Sources
info: label

artist: Chris Burn / John Butcher
title: Cause and Effect (Two Parts)
lp: Fonetiks
label: Bead
info: Butcher

artist: Helena Gough
title: Liq
cd: With What Remains
info: HelenaSpace

artist: Karlheinz Stockhausen
title: Gesang Der Junglinge
lp: Gesang Der Junglinge/Kontakte
label: Deutsche Grammophon
info: artist/label/godhead

artist: Annette Krebs / Robin Hayward
title: 1
cd: Sgraffito
label: self released
info: Hayward Krebs

artist: Folke Rabe
title: Swinee River
cd: Whispers From The Forests, Screams From The Mountains
label: Kning Disk
info: label

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama / Jeffrey Allport
title: Full Moon
lp: Untitled LP
label: Simple Geometry
info: Akiyama AllportSpace

artist: Eric LaCasa
title: Les Oscillations Part 2 (Excerpt)
cd: Les Oscillations
label: Fringes
info: artist

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Playlist 56, 2 December 2007

artist: Mitsuhiro Yoshimura / Taku Sugimoto
title: BGM
cd: Not BGM And So On
label: (h)earrings
info: label

artist: Sachiko M
title: 11122000
cd: I Love Fantasy
label: Lucky Kitchen
info: label

aritst: David Lacey / Paul Vogel
title: Housekeeping
cd: The Sound We Are Now
label: Asphasia
info: 38 today

artist: Fergus Kelly
title: Fanfare For An Uncommon Man (For Paul Burwell)
cd: The Sound We Are Now
label: Asphasia
info: Kelly

artist: Alireza Mashayeki
title: Panoptikon 70
cd: Persian Electronic Music 1966-2006
label: Sub Rosa
info: label

artist: Taus (Tim Blechmann / Klaus Filip)
title: The Organ of Corti
cd: The Organ of Corti
label: L’innomable
info: label

artist: Greg Malcolm
title: Lost in Time
lp: Swimming In It
label: K-raa-k
info: label

artist: Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki
title: De
cd: Hum And Rattle
label: Balloon and needle
info: label

artist: Ata Ebtekar/Sote
title: Micro Tuning
cd: Persian Electronic Music 1966-2006
label: Sub Rosa
info: label

artist: Kostis Kilimis
title: Track 1
cd: A Diary From b to c
label: Self released

artist: Roedelius with Patrick Pulsinger and Werner Dafeldecker
title: Claire Obscure
cd: Snapshots Sidesteps
label: Psychonavigation
info: label

Monday, November 26, 2007

Playlist 55, 25 November 2007

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: solo
cd: Mottomo Otomo
label: Trost

artist: Keith Rowe / Otomo Yoshihide / Taku Sugimoto
title: You Happy / Bell
source: Live on BBCR3 “Mixing It”

artist: Keith Rowe / Gunter Muller / Taku Sugimoto
title: Phase 2 (excerpt)
cd: The World Turned Upside Down
label: Erstwhile

artist: Keith Rowe / Otomo Yoshihide / Taku Sugimoto
title: URD Slapper
source: Live on BBCR3 “Mixing It”

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: nimb #4
cd: No Input Mixing Board
label: Zero Gravity

artist: Sachiko M
title: Sine Wave Solo 3
cd: Debris
label: FMN Sound Factory

artist: John Butcher
title: Atelier
cd: Invisible Ear
label: Fringes

artist: Nmperign
title: Bliss Viscera
cd: This Is Nmperign's Second CD
label: Twisted Village

artist: Kevin Drumm / Martin Tetreault
title: 7
cd: Particles And Smears
label: Erstwhile

artist: Keith Rowe
title: Quite (excerpt)
cd: Harsh
label: Grob

artist: Mongoose (Tetuzi Akiyama / Utah Kawasaki / Taku Sugimoto)
title: Track 2 (excerpt)
cd: At Penguin House
label: Slub

artist: Phil Durrant / Thomas Lehn / Radu Malfatti
title: Track 1 (excerpt)
cd: Dach
label: Erstwhile

artist: Fennesz
title: Paint It Black
cd: Plays
label: Moikai

artist: Radian
title: Movig
cd: TG11
label: Mego / Rhiz

artist: Shabotinski
title: Intifado
cd: Bypass Kill
label: Pag Dich Nicht / Charhizma

artist: Burkhard Stangl / Christof Kurzmann
title: In Einem Jahr 13 Monden
cd: Schnee
label: Erstwhile

artist: Evan Parker / Keith Rowe
title: Dark Rag #1 (excerpt)
cd: Dark Rags
label: Potlatch

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Playlist 54, 18 November 2007

artist: Noid
title: You’re Not Here (excerpt)
cd: You’re Not Here
label: Hibari
info: label

artist:Toshiya Tsunoda
title: Track 1
cd: Low Frequency Observed At Maguchi Bay
label: Hibari
info: label

artist: Lasse Marhaug / Nils Henrik Asheim
title: Clavaeolina
cd: Grand Mutation
label: Touch
info: label Marhaug Asheim

artist: Jean-Luc Guionnet
title: Soufflets
cd: Tirets
label: Hibari
info: label

artist: Will Guthrie
title: Live – Våxjø, Sweden
another audition exclusive!
info: Guthrie, Inc

artist: Eric Carlsson, David Lacey, Paul Vogel, Martin Kuchen
title: 21st Century Chipshop Man (excerpt)
cd: Chipshop Music
label: Homefront
info: innocents raped with napalm fire

artist: Christian Marclay
title: Ghost (I Don't Live Today)(edit)
lp: Ghost (I Don't Live Today)
label: Eight & Zero / Cabinet Des Etampes
info: artist

artist:Patrick Farmer / Dominic Lash
title: Untitled (Track 9 on disc)
cd: Unreleased
info: Farmer Lash

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Playlist 53, 11 November 2007

artist: Jonty Semper
title: 1937 British Movietone / 1938 BBC Radio / 1936 Gaumont British
cd: Kenotaphion
label: Charrm
info: Guardian article

artist: Rhodri Davies, Matt Davis, Samantha Rebello, Bechir Saadé
title: 3
cd: Hum
label: Another Timbre
info: label

artist: Oren Ambarchi
title: Inamorata
cd: In The Pendulum's Embrace
label: Touch
info: very out-of-date artist's website

artist: AMM and Rohan de Saram
title: Maida Vale 1993 Excerpt
"cd": Maida Vale 1993 Bootleg

artist: Helmut Lachenmann performed by Taco Kooistra
title: Pression
cd: Ladder of Escape 6
label: Attacca

artist: Tim Feeney, Vic Rawlings
title: 5
cd: In Six Parts
label: Sedimental
info: Feeney label

artist: R/S
title: Track 3 (excerpt)
cd: One (Snow Mud Rain)
label: Erstwhile
info: label

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Playlist 52, 4th October 2007

artist: MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse
title: Hit City
cd: Live!
label: Blast First
info: Otomo

artist: Ground Zero
title: Rush Capture of the Revolutionary Opera
cd: Revolutionary Peking Opera
label: ReR
info: Ground Zero

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: Theme from Canary
cd: Guitar solo
label: Doubt music

artist: I.S.O.
title: Track 4
cd: I.S.O.
label: Alcohol
info: I.S.O.

artist: Ensemble Cathode
title: Cathode 3
cd: Unreleased recording from Japanorama, London May 2001
label: an audition exclusive!

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Improvisation
cd: Unreleased recording from Japanorama, London May 2001
label: another audition exclusive!

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Track 6
cd: Solo for violoncello
label: Slub
info: Sugimoto

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Midnoon
cd: Opposite
label: HatNoir
info: Sugimoto

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Track 1
cd: Alto
label: Slub
info: Sugimoto

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Disc 2 Excerpt
cd: Live in Australia
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: Sugimoto

artist: Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Taku Sugimoto
title: Untitled
cd: Meeting at Bar Aoyama
label: Reset

artist: Masafumi Ezaki, Taku Sugimoto, Taku Unami
title: Trio at OffSite (Brief excerpt)
cd: Trio at OffSite
label: Hibari
info: label

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama
title: Sign
cd: Relator
label: Slub
info: Akiyama

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Live
cd: Unreleased recording from Japanorama, London May 2001
label: Yet another audition exclusive!

artist: Sachiko M
title: Summer of Sachiko
cd: Summer of Sachiko
label: Self released 3" CDR

artist: Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Good Afternoon
cd: Good Morning, Good Night
label: Erstwhile
info: label

artist: Takefumi Naoshima, Hirozumi Takeda, Utah Kawasaki, Mitsuteru Takeuchi, Toshihiro Koike, Takehiro Kawaguchi, Yasuo Totsuka
title: Septet
cd: Septet
label: Ftarri
info: Notes

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pay attention!

Just a reminder that there's no show this week, as Resonance is broadcasting live from the Radiophonic Festival in Brussels.

Back next Sunday but remember that earlier today we went back onto GMT, so if your country doesn't do that (or you're in the southern hemisphere and you jump the other way) remember to adjust your listening time accordingly.

Now I'm off to the coast. Carry on.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playlist 51, 21 October 2007

artist: MUTA (Alesandra Rombola / Rhodri Davies / Ingar Zach)
title: Daylight Black
cd: Yesterday You Were Sleeping At My Place
label: Sofa
info: playing in Venice in March - book now

artist: Mersault (Tomas Korber / Christian Weber / Christian Wolfarth)
title: Track One (excerpt)
cd: Raymond & Marie
label: Formed
info: label

artist: Ryu Hankil / Jin Sangtae / Choi Joonyong
title: Window Seat III
cd: 5 Modules I
label: Manual
info: label

artist: Taku Sugimoto / Moe Kamura
title: Stay It Fragile
cd: Saritote
label: Saritote
info: japanimprov entry

artist: Kevin Drumm / Daniel Menche
title: Gauntlet (excerpt)
cd: Gauntlet
label: Editions Mego
info: label

artist: Ground Zero
title: VT
cd: Live 1992+
label: Doubt Music
info: japanimprov entry

artist: Taku Sugimoto / Moe Kamura
title: Postlude
cd: Saritote
label: Saritote
info: Sugimoto

artist: Ground Zero
title: Pseudopodium
cd: Live 1992+
label: Doubt Music
info: japanimprov entry

artist: Bill Thompson
title: Improvisation For Dowel And Cymbal
cd: Improvisation For Dowel And Cymbal
label: Unreleased
info: artist

artist: Taku Unami
title: I
cd: Malignitat
label: Skiti
info: artist

artist: Taku Sugimoto / Moe Kamura
title: A Chair 2
cd: Saritote
label: Saritote
info: Kamura

artist: John Zorn
title: Variations On A Theme By Albert Ayler
cd: First Recordings 1973
label: Tzadik
info: label

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playlist 50, 14 October 2007

A special interview with Burkhard Beins comprised the bulk of the show, interspersed with:

Nadir (excerpt) solo, from Berlin Drums

For Ian Curtis (two short excerpts) solo, from Disco Prova

Loffe (excerpt) with Andrea Neumann, from Lidingo

Track 1 (two short excerpts) The Sealed Knot, from Unwanted Object

Track 1 (excerpt) The Sealed Knot, from Live at The Red Hedgehog

Mirror (two short excerpts) Polwechsel, from Archives of the North

p6 Phosphor, from Phosphor

Piercing 1
Trio Sowari, from Short Cut

Piercing 2 Trio Sowari, from Short Cut

Dots 1 (excerpt)
Trio Sowari, from Short Cut

Track 2 (two short excerpts) with Keith Rowe, Grain

Sekante (excerpt) solo, from Disco Prova

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fifty not out

Fifty shows! Who'd have thought it? But here we are, and we celebrate our half century this Sunday with a special programme.

Join us as we interview Burkhard Beins, one of our favourite musicians and mainstay of Trio Sowari, Activity Center, Perlonex, The Sealed Knot, Polwechsel, Phosphor and many more. In between the words we have music from some, all or none of those, including some unreleased stuff. Join us, do.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Playlist 49. 7 October 2007

artist: Ferran Fages
title: Retall llarg
cd: Cancons per a un lent retard
label: Etude
info: label

artist: Ernesto Rodrigues / Angharad Davies / Guilherme Rodrigues / Alessandro Bosetti / Masafumi Ezaki
title: London (Excerpt)
cd: London
label: Creative Sources
info: label

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura / Lucio Capece
title: Ij 1 (excerpt)
cd: Ij
label: Formed
info: label

artist: Axel Dorner
title: Sind Tracks 17, 18, 19,20, 21
cd: Sind
label: Absinth
info: label

artist: Bernhard Günter
title: Iki no kaiga
cd: Yasujiro Ozo - Hitkomakura
label: And/OAR
info: artist

artist: Wener Dafeldecker / Michael Moser / Burkhard Stangl
title: Markknochen Walzt Eisschollen
cd: Markknochen Walzt Eisschollen
label: Extraplatte
info: as much as I could find

artist: Dave Barnes / Graham Stephenson
title: Sexists Exist
cd: Untitled
label: Self Released
info: no quam

artist: Syd Clayton
title: Yehudi (excerpt)
cd: Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930-1973
label: Shame File Music
info: label

artist: Arthur Cantrill
title: Soundtrack for Eikon
cd: Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930-1973
label: Shame File Music
info: label

artist: Tomas Korber, Christian Weber, Katsura Yamauchi
title: Track 1
cd: Signal to Noise Vol.2
label: For4Ears
info: label

artist: Michael Prime
title: Insectivorous Bats (excerpt)
cd: Borneo
label: Mycophile
info: discogs

Monday, October 01, 2007

Playlist 48, 30 September 2007

artist: Iskra 1903 (Rutherford, Guy, Wachsmann)
title: Chapter 2
cd: Chapter 2
label: Emanem
info: Euro free improv pages

artist: Marc Baron, Bertrand Denzler, Stephane Rives, Jean-Luc Guionnet
title: Part 1
cd: Propagations
label: Potlatch
info: label

artist: Mark Wastell
title: Crimson
cd: Come Crimson Rays
label: Kning Disk
info: label

artist: Rhodri Davies
title: Over Shadows (Excerpt)
cd: Over Shadows
label: Confront
info: Rhodri Davies

artist: Bernard Parmegiani
title: Le Pas
cd: Musique Concrete Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films Vol.5
label: The New England Electric Music Company
info: label other Kamler films with Parmegiani soundtracks

artist: Pierre Boulez
title: Symphonie Mechanique
cd: Musique Concrete Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films Vol.1
label: The New England Electric Music Company
info: label

artist: John Cage / David Tudor
title: Untitled / Mesostics re:Merce Cunningham (simultaneous)
cd: Resonance 9.2: Feedback
label: LMC
info: David Tudor John Cage

artist: eRikM, Dieb13
title: Disc 1 Track 21 / Gaston / Disc 1 Track 18
cd: Chaos Club
label: Erstwhile
info: label

artist: Kyoshi Mitzutani
title: Yabusame (Horseback archery as Shinto ritual) at Muruo shrine in the rain
cd: Scenery of the border (Environment and folklore of the Tanzawa Mountains)
label: and/OAR
info: label

artist: The Skull Defekts
title: Breathing Your Face
cd: Skkull
label: Release the Bats
info: label

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're back....!

Yep, the news you've been waiting for in your dozens...

Now that Resonance FM have successfully relocated to their beautiful new studios in South London audition The Sound323 Radio Programme will begin its third series from This Sunday 30th September at 7PM (BST)

We are pleased to announce that by popular demand the show has been extended to 90 minutes every week, so you now have 50% more audition to tune into every week, you lucky listeners!

We are fully recharged and ready to go after our summer break. There are many plans being formed for themed shows, exclusive recordings, interviews and possibly some live performances once all of the new studio is up and running. Resonance FM have a new website you can visit at the link over there on the right. You can currently view a film there of the new studio under construction.

To celebrate we have toiled long and hard to completely overhaul the audition website to hopefully bring you a better, easier to use site. There are a few new pages, including full playlist listings in the archive pages, a new audition Exclusives download page, and up and running soon will be an archive of artist and label links from our playlists that we hope will build over time into a useful contacts resource. We have also added half or dozen or so more MP3 recordings of early shows that were missing from the previous site archives.
The site is still very new and likely to have a few bugs and broken links. Please let us know if you find any, either here or via our new email address, which is Mail (at) auditionradio (dot) info.

We still intend to use this blog as much as ever to keep you informed of what is coming up in future shows and to post playlists. We welcome your comments here, please let us know what you think about the new show, the music we play and the new website.

Hope you manage to tune in Sunday. If not, we aim to continue to bring you the Mp3 archive of individual shows.

Thank you for listening.

Alastair and Richard

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hey! It's July! Where's the radio programme, you slackers?

Oops. Sorry.

When I wrote that last post I was 99% sure we'd be back in July. However, events at Resonance - mainly moving to a much-needed new studio - have meant that schedules for the next month or so are, erm, fluid. It seemed best all round to wait until the new studio was all ready - probably August - before scheduling the new series of audition.

So you'll have to wait just a little longer for your fix of new experimental music and old jokes. As soon as we have a date for the new series we'll let you know. Meanwhile you can still check out our archives and catch up on any shows you may have missed.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Hello - just a reminder that, everything else being equal, we should be back on Resonance for our third series at the beginning of July.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that I've moved this blog onto the new version of Blogger. I might make a few other (mainly cosmetic) changes here in preparation for the new series, and Richard's looking to give the website a fresh lick of virtual paint too.

As soon as we have a confirmed date for Show 48, I'll be right back here to let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy the long summer evenings (assuming you're in the Northern Hemisphere).

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playlist 47, 1 April 2007

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: M6 - Torture
cd: Prisoner – Original Soundtrack
label: Headz
info: label liners trailer

artist: Daphne Oram
title: Tumblewash (edit)
cd: Oramics
label: Paradigm Discs
info: label

artist: Keith Rowe
title: 29 October 2001 (live at Sound 323) – full version
cd: n/a
label: n/a
info: Rowe at Wikipedia

artist: Daphne Oram
title: Contrasts Essconic
cd: Oramics
label: Paradigm Discs
info: "The unsung pioneer of techno", apparently

artist: Jakob Ullmann
title: A Catalogue of Sounds 1995-1997 (excerpt)
cd: A Catalogue of Sounds 1995-1997
label: Edition RZ
info: label

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playlist 46, 25 March 2007

artist: Bryan Eubanks / David Rothbaum
title: Track 1
cd: Bryan Eubanks / David Rothbaum
label: EMR
info: label

artist: Thomas Korber / Bernd Schurer
title: 250904 (excerpt)
cd: 250904
label: Balloon & Needle
info: label Korber

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama / Taku Sugimoto
title: Blue Monk
cassette: The Logic of Exception
label: Slub
info: Akiyama Sugimoto

artist: Traw
title: Part 3 / Rhan 3
cd: Congratulations To The Young Men of Nelson
label: Fourier Transform
info: label

artist: Marginal Consort
title Disc 3 (excerpt)
cd: Marginal Consort
label: Improvised Music for Japan
info: label

artist:Bonnie Jones
title: Body 3
cd: Vines
label: EMR
info: label

artist: Jazkamer
title: Blues For Sterling Hayden
cd: Balls The Size Of Texas Liver the Size Of Brazil
label: Purple Soil
info: label Jaz(z)kam(m)er

Overseas listeners - here is your biannual BST call

British Summer Time started last night, so we're an hour ahead of GMT until October. So if your country didn't put the clocks forward this weekend we'll be an hour earlier tonight and until the Autumn - 6pm (1800) GMT, 7pm (1900) BST. You know the drill by now.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playlist 45, 18 March 2007

artist: Christian Weber
title: Osaka solo (excerpt)
cd: Osaka solo
label: C
info: artist/label

artist: Otomo Yoshihide (and Sachiko M)
title: DT-1
cd: Digital Tranquiliser Ver 1.01
label: FMN Sound Factory
info: Otomo Sachiko

artist: Mark Robinson
title: Why Hello, Dali!
cd: EM
label: Teenbeat
info: label

artist: Radu Malfatti
title: Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens (excerpt)
cd; Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens
label: b-boim
info: artist

artist: EBT7 (Michael Evans / Barry Weisblat / Toshio Kajiwara / Lary 7)
title: Side 2 (excerpt)
cassette: EBT7 @ Tonic
label: Analogue Society
info: Weisblat

artist: Mitsuhiro Yoshimura
title: So
cd: And So On
label: (h)earrings
info: label

artist: Felix Hess
title: Air Pressure Fluctuations (excerpt)
cd: Air Pressure Fluctuations
label: Edition RZ
info: label

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Playlist 44, 11 March 2007

artist: Richard Kamerman
title: Fv Form / Bandit Presentable / Panacea Truism
cd: Open Your Windows And Play These Discs Loudly (You’re Exempt Mr Pinnell)
label: Obsolete Units
info: Mr P's also exempt from this

artist: Choi Joonyong / Joe Foster / Hong Chulki
title: 701 sec
cd: 4387 sec
label: Balloon and needle
info: label

artist: John Cage
title: Music For Amplified Toy Pianos
cd: John Cage – Nova Musicha n.1
label: Cramps
info: J hn C g

artist: Marcus Schmickler
title: Demos (excerpt)
cd: Demos
label: A-Musik

artist: Richard Francis / Anthony Guerra / Mattin / Joel Stern
title: Side 1
7": Untitled 7”
label: CMR
info: label

artist: Axel Dorner/Lucio Capece
title; Track 1 (excerpt)
cd: Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece
label: L’innomable
info: label

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Playlist 43, 4 March 2007

artist: Masahiko Okura / Gunter Muller / Otomo Yoshihide
title: Radiant
cd: Metal Tastes Like Orange
label: Amoebic
info: label

artist: Graham Halliwell / Tomas Korber
title: In Mezzo, Nel Mezzo
cd: The Large Glass
label: Cathnor
info: label

artist: ea
title: Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics (excerpt)
cd: Balancing Act With Controlled Dynamics
label: Winds Measure Recordings
info: label

artist: Zhang Jian (FM3)
title: Bian Jing
cd: Streets of Lhasa
label: Sublime Frequencies
info: label

artist: The Dead C
title: All Channels Open
cd: Vain, Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005
label: Badabing
info: label Nick Cain on NZ noise

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Playlist 42, 25 February 2007

artist: The Sealed Knot
title: Second Set (excerpt)
cd: Live At The Red Hedgehog, 29 October 2006
label: Confront Live
info: artist label (sort of)

artist: David Toop
title: Falling Light
cd: Sound Body
label: Samadhisound
info: label

artist: Greg Malcolm / Tetuzi Akiyama
title: Scenic Tunnel
cd: Six Strings
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Jon Mueller / Martijn Tellinga
title: Ham Baguette
cd: Bowl, Helicopter
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Morton Subotnick
title: Part 1 (excerpt)
lp: Silver Apples Of The Moon
label: Nonesuch
info: artist review by one of Julian Cope's mates

artist: Cyril Epinat / Matthias Forge
title: Saturday 4th September 2004, Leafy Forest
cd: Duo…
label: Creative Sources
info: label

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playlist 41, 18 February 2007

artist: Luigi Nono
title: Omaggio a Emilio Vedova
cd: Complete solo works for tape
label: Stradivarius
info: label

artist: Xavier Charles
title: Track 6
cd: Exercice
label: No label
info: artist

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Whole With Notes
cd: Live in Kansai
label: Slub
info: artist

artist: Jeffrey Allport / Angharad Davies / Chandan Narayan
title: Track 2
cd: Hawker's Delight
label: No label
info: Narayan

artist: Perlonex/Keith Rowe
title: Tensions Disc 1 (excerpt)
cd: Tensions
label: Nexsounds
info: Perlonexposition

artist: Crystal Palace Orchestra and Choir, conductor: Sir August Manns
title: Israel in Egypt (Handel)
wax cylinder: 1888 concert recordings
label: No label
info: Webrarian Edison archive

artist: Lee Patterson / Jez Riley French
title: Thursday 14th December 2006 (excerpt)
cd: Thursday 14th December 2006
label: Self released
info: Jezspace


Just a quick note to pass on our thanks to Robert who for the past ten weeks or so has been diligently recording the shows and sending them via email to me so that when I get home from London they await me ready to go up online at the archive. We have managed to get the shows up online regularly every week thanks to this.

The unofficial third member of the audition team, just wanted to say thanks Robert!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playlist 40, 11 February 2007

artist: Michel Henritzi / Taku Unami
title: Action Directe
cd: Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism
label: w.m.o/r
info: label

artist: Ralf Wehowsky / Bhob Rainey
title: Awaken Elsewhere, Unforseen
cd: I Don’t Think I Can See You Tonight
label: Sedimental
info: Rainey

artist: Greg Kelley
title: Thistlalia
cd: Music Overheard
label: ICA Boston
info: artist

artist: David Papapostolou
title: gs
cd: One And Two
label: self-released
info: artist

artist: Cor Fuhler
title: North-South
cd: Stengam
label: Potlatch
info: label artist

artist: No Spaghetti Edition
title: Black (excerpt)
cd: Sketches Of A Fusion
label: Sofa
info: label artist

an explanation for Richard's link

and some more

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: Modulation #1
cd: Cathode
label: Tzadik
info: label artist

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Show 39 – Radio Raumschiff Zitrone, 4 February 2007

Part One utilised recordings by the following, all from the Raumschiff Zitrone between 2001-6.

Kai Fagachinski (clarinet) / Axel Doerner (trumpet and computer) / Boris Baltschun (sampler) No Furniture

Burkhard Beins (percussion) / Rhodri Davies (harp) / Mark Wastell (cello) The Sealed Knot

Angharad Davies (violin) / Astrid Weins (bass) / Robin Hayward (tuba)

Part Two
utilised recordings by the following, all from the Raumschiff Zitrone between 2001-6.

Joe Williamson (bass)
Olaf Rupp (guitar)
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe)
Ivar Grydeland (guitar) / Ingar Zach (percussion)
Phil Minton (voice) / Axel Doerner (trumpet)
Thomas Ankersmit (sax) / Giuseppe Ielasi (guitar/electronics)
John Bisset (guitar) / Burkhard Beins (percussion)
Michael Renkel (guitar) / Christof Kurzmann (G3, vocals) / Burkhard Stangl (guitar)

Part Three
is an edited version of the last set at the Raumschiff Zitrone, 20 October 2006, by Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone: Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet) / Christof Kurzmann (lloopp, coins)

Recordings made available by Marcus Liebig. Thanks to him, Kai and Christof.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Playlist 38, 28 January 2007

artist: Henry J Walmsley
title: Synchronise
cd: Colossus
label: Ambitunes
info: artist/label

artist: Jason Kahn / Tomas Korber / Christian Weber
title: Track 2
cd: Zürcher Aufnahmen
label: Longbox
info: label

artist: Western Grey (Brown / Pateras / Samartzis)
title: Open Space (excerpt)
cd: Glacial Erratic
label: Dr Jim's Records
info: label

artist: Burkhard Beins
title: For Ian Curtis
cd: Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006: Special Berlin Issue
label: Improvised Music From Japan
info: label artist

artist: Burkhard Stangl / Dieb 13
title: eeeh
cd: eh
label: Erstwhile
info: label Stangl 13

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Untitled
cd: Keichiro Shibuya / Norbert Moslang / Toshimaru Nakamura
label: ATAK
info: label

artist: Matthieu Saladin
title: Seven.17
cd: Intervales
label: L’innomable
info: label

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Playlist 37, 21 January 2007

artist: Chris Watson / BJ Nilson
title: No Mans Land (excerpt)
cd: Storm
label: Touch
info: label watson

artist: Toshiya Tsunoda
title: Arrival, Kisarazu Bay, 11th Dec 2004
cd: Ridge of Undulation
label: Håpna
info: label

artist: Jeph Jerman
title: Bees (excerpt)
cd: More Sound
label: Self released

artist: Lee Patterson
title: Egg Fry 2
cd: Unreleased
label: Unreleased
info: artist tour dates

artist: Ami Yoshida
cd: in drawing
label: Cherry Music
info: label artist

artist: Jeph Jerman
title: Stones, Brush, Wood, Wind etc at Red Tank Draw, Arizona
cd: Derelict 2
label: Self released
info:artist Richard's thoughts on Jerman

artist: Quiet American
title: Roadside Communal Water Pump,Kuhlna, Bangladesh
Pilgrims at a well outside Muang Sing, Laos during a full moon celebration
Village water Pump, Shan State village outside Kalaw, Burma

cd: Plumbing and Irrigation of South Asia
label: and/OAR
info:artist label

artist: Akio Suzuki / Eric La Casa
title: Stones, Oto-Date 2004, Paris
cd: Resonances Ussip Zadkine Catalogue CD
label: Paris museé
info: artist, in japanese

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Solo Rich, Solo Al

This coming week I will be unavailable to broadcast, so Richard will be doing a solo show. Two weeks hence - 4 February - Richard will be unavailable to broadcast, so I will do a solo show. We're trying to take the opportunity of complete control to do something that we wouldn't ordinarily do together, although plans haven't been finalised for either show yet. Don't worry, we won't be indulging in the excesses of Show 25.

We'll be together on the January 28 show and from 11 February we'll be back to normal. Our solo careers do not mean that the band is breaking up: it's just a chance for us to pursue other projects that we've always wanted to do, etc.

Although Richard has been talking to me about how he wants to stage a production of the life story of Keith Rowe. On ice.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the audition annual report - your top twenty of 2006

As voted for by you, our listeners. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

1. Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura - between (Erstwhile)
2. Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet - Love Me Two Times (Intransitive)
3. Klaus Filip / Toshimaru Nakamura - Aluk (Improvised Music From Japan)
4. [N:Q] - November:Quebec (Esquilo)
5. Ami Yoshida / Christof Kurzmann - a s o (Erstwhile)
6. Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Quincunx)
7. Will Guthrie - Body and Limbs Still Look To Light (Cathnor)
8. Jason Lescalleet - The Pilgrim (Glistening Examples)
9. Lionel Marchetti - Red Dust (Crouton)
10. Olivia Block - Heave To (Sedimental)

11. Mattin / Radu Malfatti - Going Fragile (Formed)
12. Joe Colley / Jason Lescalleet - Annihilate This Week (Brombron)
13. Taku Sugimoto / Taku Unami - Tengu Et Kitsune (Slub)
14. David Lacey / Paul Vogel / Mark Wastell - Live In Dublin 1 April 2006 (Confront)
15. Axel Dörner / Mattin - Berlin (Absurd)
16. Mark Wastell - Amo(u)ngst English Men (Absinth)
17. The Contest Of Pleasures Albi Days (Potlatch)
18. Eric La Casa - Secousses Panoramiques (Hibari)
19. Giacinto Scelsi - Natura Renovatur (ECM)
20. Keith Rowe / Mark Wastell - Live In Dublin 31 March 2006 (Confront)

Playlist 36, 14 January 2007

artist: Olivia Block
title: Heave To (excerpt)
cd: Heave To
label: Sedimental
info: label

artist: Lionel Marchetti
title: Vision Nocturnae
cd: Red Dust
label: Crouton
info: label

artist: Ami Yoshida / Christof Kurzmann
title: Track 4
cd: a s o
label: Erstwhile

artist: [N:Q]
title: November (Excerpt)
cd: November Quebec
label: Esquilo
info: label

artist: Klaus Filip / Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Pace
cd: Aluk
label: Improvised Music From Japan
info: label

artist: Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet
title: I Remember
cd: Love Me Two Times
label: Intransitive
info: label

artist: Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura
title: 13630Khz
cd: between
label: Erstwhile
info: label

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Playlist 35, 7 January 2007

artist: Giancinto Scelsi
title: Natura Renovatur
cd: Natura Renovatur
label: ECM
info: label

artist: Eric La Casa
title: Tracks 11-14
cd: Secousses Panoramiques
label: Hibari
info: label lacasa

artist: The Contest of Pleasures
title: Winter Squash
cd: Albi Days
label: Potlatch
info: label

artist: David Lacey / Paul Vogel / Mark Wastell
title: Live in Dublin (excerpt)
cd: Live in Dublin
label: Confront
info: label Irish Progressive Rock Appreciation Society

artist: Joe Colley / Jason Lescalleet
title: Nervous Laughter
cd: Annihilate This Week
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Mattin / Radu Malfatti
title: Going Fragile (excerpt)
cd: Going Fragile
label: Formed
info: label