Sunday, May 28, 2006

Playlist 21, 28 May 2006

artist: Such
title: Para' 13
cd: The Issue at Hand
label: Matchless
info: label

artist: Philip Samartzis
title: NHK Tokyo
cd: Strewth! an abstract compilation from Australia and New Zealand
label: Synaesthesia
info: label artist

artist: Mark Wastell / David Lacey / Paul Vogel
title: Dublin 01.04.06 (excerpt)
cd: Dublin 01.04.06
label: Confront Performance Series
info: label i and e festival

artist: The Year Of
title: Calling Sky
cd: Slow Days
label: Morr Music
info: label fleischmann

artist: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words
title: Settling Dust
cd: 11 Instances Of Dead Letters And Words
label: Ideal Recordings
info: artist label

artist: Michael Renkel
title: Errorkoerper III (excerpt)
cd: Errorkoerper III
label: Absinth
info: label artist

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Website update

We've redesigned our website! Well, Richard has, I just annoyed him with my constant whining. I think it's looking even better than ever and now you can even see what we look like (warning: do not look at the "about audition" page on a full stomach).

Have a look here.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Playlist 20, 21 May 2006

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura / Klaus Filip
title: Aluk
cd: Aluk
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: label

artist: Tisha Mukarji
title: For Yvette Brackman
cd: Miscellaneous recordings 2005
label: Private Cd-r
info: artist

artist: Tatsuya Umeda
title: Across A Bridge
cd: Ocket
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: label

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: Thawing – End Titles
cd: The Day The Sun Turned Cold - OST
label: BMG Victor
info: review of the film

artist: Polwechsel
title: Mirror
cd: Archives of the North
label: Hatology
info: label

artist: Rick Reed
title: Music For The Rothko Chapel Part 1
lp: Music For The Rothko Chapel (10” LP)
label: Beta-Lactam Ring Records
info: label

Saturday, May 20, 2006

LMC Website relaunched and a teaser for tomorrow's show

The London Musicians' Collective's website has just been relaunched, so go here to satisfy all your London Musician and London-Musician-related needs. Excellent work, chaps.

As well as a useful calendar of gigs in London, there's a text archive which includes the fascinating "25 Years From Scratch" booklet, and an MP3 archive with sets from last November's LMC Festival featuring the likes of Dieb 13, Tisha Mukarji, Xavier Charles, Trio Sowari and Mattin. So, if you want to find out whether those blasts during the first part of Mattin's set was as loud as you've been told, check out the downloads here.

Tune in tomorrow for a host of new releases and some exclusive material from one of the participants in the above-mentioned LMC festival. We're too good to you, really we are.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sort-of playlist, show 19, 14 May 2006

For those of you who were wondering what music interspersed tonight's Keith Rowe interview, here's a list of the CDs we used in order of appearance:

LMC 13th Festival: Guitar (no label)

Harsh (Grob)

A Dimension of Perfectly Ordinary Reality (Matchless)

Fibre (with Tomas Korber) (For4Ears)

Duos For Doris (with John Tilbury) (Erstwhile)

between (with Toshimaru Nakamura) (Erstwhile)

Erstlive 001 (with Burkhard Beins) (Erstlive)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keith Rowe interview on audition

We've something special for this Sunday's installment of audition: an hour long interview with Keith Rowe conducted in April of this year, in which he discusses his working methods and thought processes at length.

Covering ground from onstage haircuts to zen archery and everything in between, if you have any interest in Keith's music you really won't want to miss this. 7pm, 14 May.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Keith Rowe Nottingham Concert details

Apologies for the delay in posting this. Its Alastair's fault, he forgot to remind me. :)

Tuesday 9th May

AVP and Sonic Research Groups at schools of Fine Art and Visual Communications,
Nottingham Trent University present in collaboration with Southwell Artspace:

Soundscapes -
performance and workshop with Keith Rowe & prof_lofi

Performance: Tuesday 9th May 8pm
Admission on door £7 conc. £5
At: Southwell Artspace, 48 Westgate Southwell NG25 0JX
01636 814 421
07887 912 447
or contact, David Reid
For anyone traveling from Nottingham for this event please note - A special bus will be available from outside the Bonington Building, Shakespeare St at 7pm, to take you to Southwell. The bus will return from Southwell Artspace for Bonington Building after the performance at at 10.30pm.
Full details at -

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Playlist 18, 7 May 2006

artist: Dion Workman
title: For i/x
cd: Strewth!
label: Synaesthesia
info: label artist

artist: VHF
title: G-15
cd: Statics
label: L’innomable
info: label

artist: Will Guthrie / Adam Sussmann / Matthew Earle
title: Bridges 3
cd: Bridges
label: Antboy
info: artist/label

artist: Sidsel Endresen / Christian Wallumrød / Helge Sten
title: Ectrik
cd: Merriwinkle
label: Jazzland
info: label

artist: Yasuhiro Otani
title: Music for 50 iMacs
cd: Improvised Music from Japan (10CD Box)
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: label artist

artist: Eddie Prevost
title: Entelechy
cd: Entelechy
label: Matchless
info: artist/label

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Interactive programming on audition - get voting!

Between 2001 and 2004 there were some great concerts in the basement of Sound 323, many of them recorded by Tim Fletcher. Four of the best have been released on the Sound 323 label but we've been through the list of remaining gigs and come up with what we think are the first XI of so-far-unheard recordings from the basement.

We'd like to share some of them with you on the show. Vote via email for the three you'd most like to hear - use the link on the right of the page - and let us know by showtime, Sunday 14 May. We'll then play the winners on our June shows.

Here's that list. Every one's a winner!

1. monday 26th february 2001
john butcher: saxophones
steve noble: percussion
rhodri davies: harp
mark wastell: cello

2. saturday 13th october 2001
simon vincent: electronics
graham halliwell: alto saxophone & electronics

3. monday 25th february 2002
thomas ankersmit (germany): alto saxophone, computer & analogue synthesizer
hugh davies: invented instruments

4. friday 22nd march 2002
taku sugimoto (japan): acoustic guitar
rhodri davies: acoustic harp
mark wastell: acoustic cello

5. saturday 18th may 2002
joel stern: computer/field recordings/radio
anthony guerra: guitar/electronics

6. friday 7th june 2002
ignaz schick (germany): electronics
phil durrant: electronics

7. saturday 8th march 2003
burkhard stangl (austria): guitar

8. saturday 30th august 2003
burkhard beins (germany): percussion
phil durrant: laptop

9. saturday 31st january 2004
alfredo costa monteiro (spain): accordion
ruth barberán (spain): trumpet
ferran fages (spain): acoustic turntable

10. saturday 26th june 2004
sean meehan (usa): snare drum, cymbal
mark wastell: tam tam, nepalese bowls

11. saturday 2nd october 2004
mattin (basque country): computer
taku unami (japan): computer