Sunday, February 25, 2007

Playlist 42, 25 February 2007

artist: The Sealed Knot
title: Second Set (excerpt)
cd: Live At The Red Hedgehog, 29 October 2006
label: Confront Live
info: artist label (sort of)

artist: David Toop
title: Falling Light
cd: Sound Body
label: Samadhisound
info: label

artist: Greg Malcolm / Tetuzi Akiyama
title: Scenic Tunnel
cd: Six Strings
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Jon Mueller / Martijn Tellinga
title: Ham Baguette
cd: Bowl, Helicopter
label: Brombron
info: label

artist: Morton Subotnick
title: Part 1 (excerpt)
lp: Silver Apples Of The Moon
label: Nonesuch
info: artist review by one of Julian Cope's mates

artist: Cyril Epinat / Matthias Forge
title: Saturday 4th September 2004, Leafy Forest
cd: Duo…
label: Creative Sources
info: label

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playlist 41, 18 February 2007

artist: Luigi Nono
title: Omaggio a Emilio Vedova
cd: Complete solo works for tape
label: Stradivarius
info: label

artist: Xavier Charles
title: Track 6
cd: Exercice
label: No label
info: artist

artist: Taku Sugimoto
title: Whole With Notes
cd: Live in Kansai
label: Slub
info: artist

artist: Jeffrey Allport / Angharad Davies / Chandan Narayan
title: Track 2
cd: Hawker's Delight
label: No label
info: Narayan

artist: Perlonex/Keith Rowe
title: Tensions Disc 1 (excerpt)
cd: Tensions
label: Nexsounds
info: Perlonexposition

artist: Crystal Palace Orchestra and Choir, conductor: Sir August Manns
title: Israel in Egypt (Handel)
wax cylinder: 1888 concert recordings
label: No label
info: Webrarian Edison archive

artist: Lee Patterson / Jez Riley French
title: Thursday 14th December 2006 (excerpt)
cd: Thursday 14th December 2006
label: Self released
info: Jezspace


Just a quick note to pass on our thanks to Robert who for the past ten weeks or so has been diligently recording the shows and sending them via email to me so that when I get home from London they await me ready to go up online at the archive. We have managed to get the shows up online regularly every week thanks to this.

The unofficial third member of the audition team, just wanted to say thanks Robert!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playlist 40, 11 February 2007

artist: Michel Henritzi / Taku Unami
title: Action Directe
cd: Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism
label: w.m.o/r
info: label

artist: Ralf Wehowsky / Bhob Rainey
title: Awaken Elsewhere, Unforseen
cd: I Don’t Think I Can See You Tonight
label: Sedimental
info: Rainey

artist: Greg Kelley
title: Thistlalia
cd: Music Overheard
label: ICA Boston
info: artist

artist: David Papapostolou
title: gs
cd: One And Two
label: self-released
info: artist

artist: Cor Fuhler
title: North-South
cd: Stengam
label: Potlatch
info: label artist

artist: No Spaghetti Edition
title: Black (excerpt)
cd: Sketches Of A Fusion
label: Sofa
info: label artist

an explanation for Richard's link

and some more

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: Modulation #1
cd: Cathode
label: Tzadik
info: label artist

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Show 39 – Radio Raumschiff Zitrone, 4 February 2007

Part One utilised recordings by the following, all from the Raumschiff Zitrone between 2001-6.

Kai Fagachinski (clarinet) / Axel Doerner (trumpet and computer) / Boris Baltschun (sampler) No Furniture

Burkhard Beins (percussion) / Rhodri Davies (harp) / Mark Wastell (cello) The Sealed Knot

Angharad Davies (violin) / Astrid Weins (bass) / Robin Hayward (tuba)

Part Two
utilised recordings by the following, all from the Raumschiff Zitrone between 2001-6.

Joe Williamson (bass)
Olaf Rupp (guitar)
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe)
Ivar Grydeland (guitar) / Ingar Zach (percussion)
Phil Minton (voice) / Axel Doerner (trumpet)
Thomas Ankersmit (sax) / Giuseppe Ielasi (guitar/electronics)
John Bisset (guitar) / Burkhard Beins (percussion)
Michael Renkel (guitar) / Christof Kurzmann (G3, vocals) / Burkhard Stangl (guitar)

Part Three
is an edited version of the last set at the Raumschiff Zitrone, 20 October 2006, by Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone: Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet) / Christof Kurzmann (lloopp, coins)

Recordings made available by Marcus Liebig. Thanks to him, Kai and Christof.