Sunday, January 29, 2006

Show 04 Playlist, 29 January 2006

artist: Oren Ambarchi
title: Triste part 1 - remake
CD: Triste
label: Southern Lord
info: artist's website record label

artist: Christian Wolfarth
title: Track 1
CD: wolfarth
label: For 4 Ears
info: record label

artist: Rhodri Davies/ Joel Stern
title: Untitled live recording from St Cyprians Church, London, 21 May 2002
info: Rhodri Davies Joel Stern

artist: Diane Labrosse/ Martin Tetreault/Haco
title: In The Fridge
CD: Lunch in Nishnomiya
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: record label

artist: Nash Kontroll
title: In The Presence of Fuckin'God...We Are All The Same
CD: Your Left Hand Just Exploded
label: Ideal Recordings
info: record label

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Exclusive live recordings on audition

We're pleased to announce the first of a monthly series of exclusive live recordings on audition.

This Sunday and on the last Sunday of each month we'll be highlighting a previously unheard recording from a concert presented under the Sound 323 umbrella.

First up we have Rhodri Davies (harp) and Joel Stern (electronics) from St Cyprians, London.

Tune in this Sunday at 9.30pm (or Tuesday morning at 9.00am) for what I think you'll agree is a great start to the series.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Show 03 Playlist, 22 January 2006

artist: VOIMA
title: Unsettledfrm
CD: Improvised Music from Japan 2005
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: artist's website

artist: Jeph Jerman & Greg Davis
title: Track 3
CD: Cottonwood, Arizona December 23rd 2003
label: Autumn Leaves series
info: Jerman pages Autumn Records

artist: Doublends Vert
title: Track 4
CD: Cistern
label: Line
info: artist's website

artist: Kai Fagaschinski/ Bernhard Gal
title: Round
CD: Going Round In Serpentines
label: Charhizma
info: record label

artist: Suichi Ohori
title: They Shoot the Blame
CD: Improvised Music from Japan 2005
label: Improvised Music from Japan
info: more on the magazine

artist: Ernie Althoff
title: Declivities
CD: Dark by 6
label: Antboy
info: record label

Monday, January 16, 2006

Show 02 Playlist, 15 January 2006

artist: Tomas Korber/Keith Rowe/Gunter Muller
title: Track 1
CD: Fibre
label: For4Ears
info: record label

artist: Anthony Guerra/Matthew Earle
title: Track 3
CD: In
label: L’Innomable
info: record label

artist: 4G (Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi/Christian Fennesz/Toshimaru Nakamura)
title: Deformed Veil (excerpt – 5’30” to 29’00”)
CD: Cloud
label: Erstwhile
info: record label

artist: Arek Gulbenkoglu
title: Point 4
CD: Points Alone
label: Impermanent
info: record label

artist: Graham Halliwell/Mark Wastell
title: Vibra #3
CD: Recorded Delivery
label: Confront Collectors Series
info: record label

Show 01 Playlist, 8 January 2006

artist: Derek Bailey
title: Mart of Time Part 3
CD: Drop me off at 96th
label: Scatter
info: Euro free improv pages

artist: Los Glissandinos
title: Four Seasons
CD: Stand Clear
label: Creative Sources
info: record label

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama
title: Fire Burnin’ Safely
CD: Route 13 To The Gates Of Hell: Live In Tokyo
label: Headz
info: Improvised Music From Japan

artist: John Wall
title: Cphon
CD: Cphon
label: Utterpsalm
info: record label

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama
title: Dead Or…
CD: Route 13 To The Gates Of Hell: Live In Tokyo
label: Headz
info: Improvised Music From Japan

artist: Will Guthrie
title: Spear
CD: Spear
label: Antboy Music
info: record label

artist: Derek Bailey
title: Steve Beresford, Gossip and Poetry
CD: Chats
label: Incus
info: record label

Welcome to audition

Welcome to audition, the Sound 323 radio programme on Resonance 104.4FM, London's first radio art station.

audition plays new improvised music, lowercase sound and experimental music of no fixed genre. In addition to playing CDs we will have exclusive recordings of live concerts and occasional specially-recorded sessions and interviews with musicians. The programme is presented by Alastair Wilson (that's me!) and Richard Pinnell.

audition currently broadcasts between 21.30 and 22.30 GMT on Sunday nights, with a repeat between 09.00 and 10.00 GMT on Tuesday mornings. You can pick it up on 104.4FM if you're in Central London, or at the Resonance FM's listen page wherever you have web access.

We'll publish playlists for the shows shortly after original broadcast, make any announcements related to the show and also use this space to enter a dialogue with you, the listener. Feel free to use the comments boxes - we will be reading them avidly.

Meanwhile, sit back, listen in, and enter the rapidly evolving world of audition.