Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playlist 89, 24 August 2008

artist: Asher / Jason Kahn
title: Vista (excerpt)
cd: Vista
label: And/OAR
info: label

Seymour Wright - The Wright change (after Jean Luc Guionnet, Ross Lambert & Frank Lowe)

artist: Loren Chasse
title: Arbor Pores (Track 5)
cd: The Footpath
label: Naturestrip
info: label

artist: Nikos Veliotis
title: Mugs On Speed
label: Compost and Height
download: here

Seymour Wright in conversation

artist: Keith Rowe / Burkhard Beins
title: Grain 3 (excerpt)
cd: Grain
label: Zarek
info: reissue this!

Seymour Wright - Play your cards Wright (after James Fei & Michael Parsons)

artist: Greg Davis / Jeph Jerman
title: Sound Wheel (excerpt)
cd: Sound Wheel
label: Self released
info: Davis Jerman

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playlist 88, 17 August 2008

artist: John Wall
title: Construction III
cd: Constructions I-IV
label: Utterpsalm
info: label/artist

artist: Unplugboy / Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Chinese
cd: Unplugboy / Toshimaru Nakamura
label: Alectroecoustic
info: Weaver

artist: Lucio Capece / Sergio Merce
title: Vieja Casa Nueva
cd: Casa
label:Organized Music From Thessaloniki
info: label

John Wall live at Resonance Studios

artist: Rebecca Saunders
title: Stirrings Still
cd: Stirrings Still
label: Wergo

artist: Mathieu Saladin
title: 4'33” sur 0'00”
cd: 4'33”/0'00”
label: Editions Provisoires
info: label

simultaneously with

artist: John Cage
title: 4'33”
cd: Nova Musicha No 1: John Cage
label: Cramps
info: Cage

John Wall live at Resonance Studios again

artist: Noid
title: Melodien
cd: Monodigmen
label: aRtonal
info: aRtonal's down, so here's a review

artist: Joel Stern
title: Wake In Fright
cd: Objects, Masks, Props
label: Naturestrip
info: label

artist: Choi Joonyong / Ryu Hankil / Hong Chulki
title: Pieces (Ryu Hankil)
cd: 5 Modules V
label: Manual
info: label

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Playlist 87, 10 August 2008

artist: Christopher DeLaurenti
title: Before Petrushka
cd: Favourite Intermissions
label: Binaural
info: artist

artist: Jon Mueller
title: Trace Essential
cd: Metals
label: Table of the Elements
info: artist

artist: Mosseisly
title: Track from Still photos melting on ice
cd: Breakdancing the Dawn – A compilation
label: The Rhizome Label
info: artist

Daniel Jones, David Papapostolou and Daichi Yoshikawa live at Resonance Studios

artist: Christopher DeLaurenti
title: After Beethoven (excerpt)
cd: Favourite Intermissions
label: Binaural
info: artist

artist: Michel Chion
title: Libera Me
cd: Requiem
label: Sub Rosa
info: artist

artist: Stasis Duo
title: Untitled from Stasis Duo Music 2
cd: Breakdancing the Dawn – A compilation
info: The Rhizome Label
label: artist

Daniel Jones, David Papapostolou and Daichi Yoshikawa live at Resonance Studios again

artist: Joel Stern
title: Dead Lakes
cd: Objects, Masks, Props
label: Naturestrip
info: label

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time, gentlemen, please

It is with regret, but also with a sense of pride in our achievement, that we must announce that the August 31st show, our ninetieth, will be the last. Alastair is moving to Australia in September and whilst the show could have continued in another form, both of us feel that it would not be the same without the Wilson/Pinnell pairing, once so accurately described as the Stadler and Waldorf of experimental music.

So audition will end with Show 90, but we aim to make our remaining programmes unmissable with a series of in-studio live performances beginning this weekend and hopefully continuing throughout the remaining four programmes.

So far we are able to announce the first three live performances:

Sunday August 10th, 7PM

Daniel Jones (turntables, electronic and objects)
David Papapostolou (cello)
Daichi Yoshikawa (pick-up/contact-mic feedback)

Three of the most interesting young improvisers playing in the UK today. The duo work of Papapostolou and Jones, championed by audition for quite some time, has recently resulted in their fine debut album Leaving Room on Adjacent Records. The addition of Yoshikawa to the mix will bring a further dimension to proceedings.

Sunday August 17th, 7PM

John Wall (laptop)

Respected worldwide as a fine electroacoustic composer, Wall has made some of the most vital works in this area over the last fifteen years. He has recently begun playing live in concerts as an improviser, a move that surprised as many people as it delighted. We are very pleased to be able to welcome John to the studio.

Sunday August 24th, 7PM

Seymour Wright (saxophone)

The man they're all talking about following his excellent new release Seymour Wright of Derby, now "sold out".

- Alastair and Richard

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Playlist 86, 3 August 2008

artist: The Skull Defekts
title: Cut Spider Leg
lp: The Black Hand
label: Riot Season
info: label

artist: Goh Lee Kwang
title: Track 2 (excerpt)
cd: Good Vibrations
label: Herbal
info: label

artist: Alan Lamb
title: Last Anzac
cd: Halana 2
label: Halana
info: Halana (RIP) not the cricketer

artist: Stephane Rives
title: Much Remains To Be Heard (excerpt)
cd: Much Remains To Be Heard
label: Al Maslakh
info: label

artist: Anthony Braxton
title: Dedicated To Ann And Peter Allen
cd: For Alto
label: Delmark
info: label

artist: Jez riley French
title: Wansford Canal And Watton Beck
cd: Hydrophone Recordings
label: Engraved Glass
info: label

artist: Bosavi Village
title: Voices In The Forest: A Village Soundscape (excerpt)
cd: Bosavi: Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea
label: Smithsonian Folkways
info: label Christgau's review

artist: Otomo Yoshihide
title: Core Anode ICA Theatre London 15th December 2006
cd: Core Anode
label: Meenna
info: label