Monday, June 30, 2008

Playlist 81, 29 June 2008

artist: Lionel Marchetti / Seijiro Murayama
title: 2
cd: Hatali Atsalei (L'echange des yeux)
label: Intransitive
info: label

artist: Taku Sugimoto / John Cage / David Tudor
titles: Three Speakers / Indeterminacy / Variations II (mix)
cds: Three Speakers / Indeterminacy / David Tudor on Editions RZ
labels: Slubmusic Tengu / Smithsonian Folkways / Editions RZ
info: we've given links to Sugimoto and Editions RZ loads of times before

artist: Tetuzi Akiyama
titles: Remember / It Shall Not Be Your Tremble
cd: The Ancient Balance To Control Death
label: Western Vinyl
info: label

artist: Josetxo Grieta
title: Sonrisas Vendo-¿Dónde Nos Llevan? (excerpt)
cd: Sonrisas Vendo-¿Dónde Nos Llevan?
label: Taumaturgia
info: label

artist: Pita
title: 3
cd: Get Out
label: Editions Mego
info: label

artist: Jakob Ullmann
title: Voice, Books and FIRE 3 (Excerpt)
cd: Voice, Books and FIRE 3
label: Editions RZ
info: see what I mean?

artist: Kevin Drumm
title: We All Get It In The End
cd: Imperial Distortion
label: Hospital Productions
info: label

artist: Chris Burn Ensemble
title: qpdbqp
cd: Ensemble at Musica Genera 2002
label:Musica Genera
info: label

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