Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Playlist 80, 22 June 2008

artist: Lol Coxhill
title: Uptown Top Ranking
cd: Spectral Soprano
label: Emanem
info: see mi inna pants and ting

artist: Christian Weber
title: Walcheturm Solo (Exceprt)
cd: Walcheturm Solo
label: Cut
info: label

artist: Frederic Blondy / Thomas Lehn
title: Obdo part 3
cd; Obdo
label: Another Timbre
info: label

artist: Andy Graydon
title: Surroundings (the ship, the shoal, the shore)
cd: At Bay
label: Winds Measure
info: label

artist: David Papapostolou / Daniel Jones
title: Le / av
cd: Leaving Room
label: Adjacent
info: label

artist: Collections of Colonies of Bees
title: Six Guitars
one-sided lp: Six Guitars
label: Table of the Elements
info: artist

artist: Anthony Pateras / Sean Baxter / David Brown
title: You Can Do It, Pimp Lucius
cd: Interference
label: EMD
info: Meanwhile at the church Rufus is gettin' his prayers on

artist: Jason Lescalleet
title: Ineinenadergriefen - 08 December 1912
cd: Mattresslessness
label: Cut
info: label

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