Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time, gentlemen, please

It is with regret, but also with a sense of pride in our achievement, that we must announce that the August 31st show, our ninetieth, will be the last. Alastair is moving to Australia in September and whilst the show could have continued in another form, both of us feel that it would not be the same without the Wilson/Pinnell pairing, once so accurately described as the Stadler and Waldorf of experimental music.

So audition will end with Show 90, but we aim to make our remaining programmes unmissable with a series of in-studio live performances beginning this weekend and hopefully continuing throughout the remaining four programmes.

So far we are able to announce the first three live performances:

Sunday August 10th, 7PM

Daniel Jones (turntables, electronic and objects)
David Papapostolou (cello)
Daichi Yoshikawa (pick-up/contact-mic feedback)

Three of the most interesting young improvisers playing in the UK today. The duo work of Papapostolou and Jones, championed by audition for quite some time, has recently resulted in their fine debut album Leaving Room on Adjacent Records. The addition of Yoshikawa to the mix will bring a further dimension to proceedings.

Sunday August 17th, 7PM

John Wall (laptop)

Respected worldwide as a fine electroacoustic composer, Wall has made some of the most vital works in this area over the last fifteen years. He has recently begun playing live in concerts as an improviser, a move that surprised as many people as it delighted. We are very pleased to be able to welcome John to the studio.

Sunday August 24th, 7PM

Seymour Wright (saxophone)

The man they're all talking about following his excellent new release Seymour Wright of Derby, now "sold out".

- Alastair and Richard

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