Sunday, April 13, 2008

Playlist 71, 13 April 2008

artist: Rune Lindblad
title: Party
cd: Death Of The Moon: Electric & Concrete Music 1953-1960
label: Pogus
info: label

artist: Rhodri Davies / Matthew Samson
title: Lebanon (Excerpt)
cd: Live Uncut Vol.1
label: A question of re-entry
info: label

artist: The 14th Century
title: Ei Thwyll a'i Hystryw
cd: Brave New Wales / Pedair Awr Yng Nghymru Fydd
label: Fourier Transform
info: 1300-1399

artist: Graham Lambkin / Jason Lescalleet
title: E5150 / Body Transport
cd: The Breadwinner
label: Erstwhile
info: label

artist: Max Eastley
title: Aeolian Arcs
CD: Arc
label: Audio Research Editions
info: label

artist: Mats Gustafsson / Paul Lovens
title: V
cd: Nothing To Read
label: Blue Tower
info: something to read

artist: Chris Watson
title: 10m
7": Oceanus Pacificus
label: Touch
info: label artist

artist: Clive Bell / Bechir Saade
title: Kindling
cd: An Account Of My Hut
label: Another Timbre
info: label

artist: Pacal Battus / Alfredo Costa Monteiro
title: Track 1
cd: Ductile
label: A question of re-entry / Organised music from Thessaloniki
info: the other label

artist: Derek Bailey / George Lewis / John Zorn
title: On Golden Pond (excerpt)
cd: Yankees
label: Celluloid
info: you all know about Bailey and Zorn

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