Sunday, January 28, 2007

Playlist 38, 28 January 2007

artist: Henry J Walmsley
title: Synchronise
cd: Colossus
label: Ambitunes
info: artist/label

artist: Jason Kahn / Tomas Korber / Christian Weber
title: Track 2
cd: Z├╝rcher Aufnahmen
label: Longbox
info: label

artist: Western Grey (Brown / Pateras / Samartzis)
title: Open Space (excerpt)
cd: Glacial Erratic
label: Dr Jim's Records
info: label

artist: Burkhard Beins
title: For Ian Curtis
cd: Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006: Special Berlin Issue
label: Improvised Music From Japan
info: label artist

artist: Burkhard Stangl / Dieb 13
title: eeeh
cd: eh
label: Erstwhile
info: label Stangl 13

artist: Toshimaru Nakamura
title: Untitled
cd: Keichiro Shibuya / Norbert Moslang / Toshimaru Nakamura
label: ATAK
info: label

artist: Matthieu Saladin
title: Seven.17
cd: Intervales
label: L’innomable
info: label


Anonymous said...

The link to henry walmsley has a rogue %20 (probably a space character) at the end

Alastair said...

Fixed - thanks to you and the two other people who have pointed it out to me. Glad that someone actually makes use of the links...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another great show, "eh" is one of my alltime faves aswell. / Lukas.sweden