Sunday, June 25, 2006

Playlist 25, 25 June 2006

artist: The Bonzo Dog Band
title: The Intro and the Outro
cd: Gorilla
label: Liberty

artist: The Walker Brothers
title: The Electrician
cd: Nite Flights
label: GTO

artist: Tim Buckley
title: Song To The Siren
cd: Starsailor
label: Straight

artist: Stock, Hausen and Walkman
title: Jumped up little start
cd: Hairballs
label: Hot Air

artist: Stock, Hausen and Walkman
title: Tampooning
cd: Hairballs
label: Hot Air

artist: Disco Inferno
title: A Crash At Every Speed
cd: D.I. Go Pop
label: RoughTrade

artist: Peter Hammill
title: The Jargon King
cd: A Black Box
label: S-Type

artist: Labradford
title: SEDR77
cd: A Stable Reference
label: Kranky

artist: Aphex Twin
title: Digeridoo
cd: Classics
label: R&S Records

artist: Can
title: Moonshake
cd: Future Days
label: Spoon

artist: Art Bears
title: Freedom
cd: The World As It Is Today
label: ReR

artist: Husker Du
title: Eight Miles High
10": Eight Miles High/Makes No Sense At All single
label: SST

artist: My Bloody Valentine
title: To Here Knows When
cd: Loveless
label: Creation

artist: Faust with Tony Conrad
title: From the side of Man and Womankind
cd: From Outside the Dream Syndicate
label: Table of the Elements

artist: Michael Nesmith
title: Beyond The Blue Horizon
cd: Magnetic South
label: RCA Victor

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